Saturday, October 30, 2010

Patrick Rock's Vortex Party

It was a real treat to visit Patrick's class and see what he & his students have been up to... a great collaboration. They were impressed with you guys, too.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tuesday: Mold Making Demo

All, please be prepared for a fun and educational demo on mold making by bringing the following:
1) An empty plastic bottle or milk carton
2) Scissors
3) a simply-shaped object of little value, smaller than the carton/bottle that can be submerged in liquid/gel

Thanks for coming prepared

Thursday, October 21, 2010

RACC Grant Proposals for the Portland Building

Each student will write a proposal for an installation in the Portland Building. This is an opportunity to understand how to get public funding for a project, and to explore site-specific installation

"The Installation Art Series features interactive and experimental media installations in a small space in the Portland Building’s lobby. Each installation is a month long and is selected through a juried process. The program presents challenging and diverse works that encourage the general public to re-examine its expectations and definitions of art through dialogue about the role of art in public spaces. With a modest honorarium, artists can share their work with a broad audience. If the accompanying "comment book" is any indication, the series is effective in achieving its aims to stimulate thought and provoke exchanges."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wearable Art Project

This project is a chance to incorporate 3D elements interacting with the body, and hopefully distorting it. Just in time for Halloween.... however, we are not making "costumes"
Thanks to Hannah Jickling for the Paper Maché demo!

Bread & Puppet Theater
Mr. Babyman
Rebecca Horn
Louise Bourgeoise

Zhang Huan

 Nick Cave        

Student Work:

Amazing Everyone!

Human Sculpture Project

This in-class project is a chance to think about the body as a sculpture material, to work with immediacy, and to work as collaborative groups. Inspiration for this project came from Irwin Wurm, contemporary dance, synchronized swimming, and old Hollywood numbers. The students are asked to work in groups of 3-4, and make three "3-minute sculptures"


Irwin Wurm

Student Work:

Great Work everyone!

Replicas Project

The goal of this project is to engage observation skills- to locate an object in the public realm and make a replica of it. The choice of materials and scale is up to you, but you must leave the object next to the original and document it (or its demise). Discussions on themes of 3D design, materials, and intervention


Darius & Downey

Mark Jenkins

Student Work: